About Us

The Passion Behind
Global Pangan Semesta

We’re a group of passionate realist people who’d like to challenge the food industry and rally around quality eating.

When did food lose its priority in our busy lifestyles As the processed food industry has grown, so have food-related . Thats not ok. Were a group of passionate realist people who’d like to challenge the food industry and rally around quality eating. We are dedicated to providing delicious meal solutions that use only real, whole ingredients you can trust, while never, ever comprimising on taste. We’re here to educate and inspire with solutions - for business.

Our boundless energy and curiosity takes us on an endless global food trending safari compiling market research and talking with chefs and other leading industry experts. GPS will help you succeed in the kitchen and in food business. We are committed to making your guest’s wonderful experience and next meal, the best it can be. Take a step and upgrade your standard.

Our History

The Indonesian food distribution network Global Pangan Semesta was established in 2018 in Surabaya, with office and distribution channel in Surabaya and Jakarta. Equipped with long history and experience in the food and beverage business for decades, the founder of the company formed a strong management values and forthright vision to provide quality supplies / products, the company established a sizeable market share and a robust connect with suppliers internationally and to market the products at Indonesia as the main consumer base.

Our Foundation

The pillars that hold our company are our core corporate values, vertical integration, loyal supplier networks, state of the art infrastructure, impeccable safety and hygiene controls, stringent quality controls, innovations, customer driven processes, technology integration and dynamic supply chain distribution systems. All of those have attributed to the growth of Global Pangan Semesta and sets position both in the market and the industry as a whole.


Establish Global Pangan Foods as a Global Market Leader in the field of food distributor and food solutions. Constantly integrate with the principals from around the world as the industry verticals and transform the company into a distinguished network servicing the Indonesian and nearby country of the South East Asian. Aspire to be the first choice culinary and both commercial and home food solutions provider for those customers who appreciate quality, hygiene and innovation.


Global Pangan Semesta strive to serve our customers through a strict and superb on-going Quality Management Systems (QMS), Quality Driven Processes (QDP), and with injection of new technologies, constant innovations in food industry, robust product/customer care and strategic supplier partnerships to sustain and enhance the company as a symbol of trust and value in the area that we serve. We will rely on our time tested corporate values, principles and philosophy to guide our decisions and ensure that our actions benefit our consumers in enhancing and enriching their culinary experience.

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